Options For Cremated Remains.

When making the funeral arrangements, we will discuss with you the various options available for dealing with cremated remains.


Choosing the final resting place is not a decision which needs to be made immediately after the funeral takes place. We encourage you to do this in your own time. We will collect the remains from the crematorium and care for these until you reach a decision.


Often the cremated remains are scattered or buried in a Garden of Remembrance at the crematorium. As there are no laws that directly restrict the scattering of ashes, they can be scattered on ordinary land, in rivers or at sea. However consent may be needed and we can help obtain this if required.


For families wishing to keep the cremated remains, or wanting them buried there are many different types of caskets or urns available.


Other options include having the ashes made into a glass orb, a diamond or stored in decorative or artistic ornamental vases.


For some families the option of keeping the ashes in a garden feature or bird bath provides a focal point for their memories.


For families who want to have a dramatic ashes scattering we can arrange for the ashes to be made into a firework for inclusion in a display providing a spectacular final farewell.   

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