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Grief is personal. We all grieve uniquely, even when we experience the same person's death. Family and friends each express their love differently, so it is natural for them to grieve the loss of a loved one differently as well. This is why it is essential to be understanding of others who mourn the loss of someone.

Helping you through grief

Grief is normal. Grief is a natural response to loss. Grief is a process we must work through. At first, you may feel shocked and numb. Shock acts as a buffer, allowing you to get what needs to be done the first few months after a loss.


As reality begins to settle in, grief can affect people emotionally, physically, behaviourally, spiritually and psychologically. You may find yourself angry, even enraged, over what has happened. You may suffer headaches or be unable to sleep. You may sense the presence of your loved one.


Grief can manifest feelings of guilt, depression, loneliness, etc. Some of these reactions may be so intense that people can think they are going crazy. This is why it is essential to learn about the grief process to know and understand that what you are experiencing is a normal and natural response to your loss.

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Grief Counselling

Group counselling sessions are available to families as well as individual grief counselling. The funeral director and aftercare coordinator work together, listening to the concerns of family members and friends and offering suggestions on reading material appropriate to the loss which will be available to provide answers to questions and help to alleviate any concerns.

Caring for Children in Times of Loss

With the family’s permission, one of our funeral directors will meet individually with the children before or after the funeral services to answer any of their questions and/or support their needs at the time.

Caring Assistance

The services offered by Hilton’s Funeral Directors do not end after the funeral. The funeral directors and our Aftercare Coordinator are committed to providing comfort and care to family and friends following the death of a loved one.

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