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Traditional Funeral Service £3,800.00

Our Traditional Funeral Service offers everything required for an elegant, personal service, including a Hearse and following Limousine, 30 bespoke orders of service and a coffin from our bespoke range.

Our Traditional Funeral Service includes the following:

Conveyance of your loved one into our care (max 20mile radius)

Completion of all necessary paperwork.

Provision of a bespoke coffin.

Care and presentation of the deceased.

Viewing of the deceased.

Thirty bespoke orders of service.

A Minister or Celebrant to officiate the service.

A hearse and following Limousine.

A Funeral Director and appropriate members of staff.

Collection or Scattering of cremated remains.

Cremation Fees. £1,170.00 - Telford Crematorium.

Doctors Fees – £82.00 If Applicable.

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Our Disbursements
(Fees which are made payable to third parties)

  • Cremation Fees - Made payable to your local crematorium.

  • Doctors Fees – Made payable to each of the doctors who complete the cremation certificates.

  • A Religious or Humanist Minister to officiate the funeral service.

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