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We believe excellent care for the living and the dead can transform your experience. Our team will offer you meaningful choices and transparency, supporting you in making the right decisions for you.

Helpful Procedures Following A Death.

The loss of someone close to you can be a traumatic and stressful time. The information in this section aims to take some of the weight off your shoulders, offering a simple guide to the formalities surrounding the funeral service.

When Death Occurs In Hospital.

When someone dies in hospital, the staff nurse will arrange for a doctor to issue the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death, which you will need to collect along with any belongings. Contact us and we will arrange a suitable time to discuss your requirements and we will bring the person who has passed away into our care.

When Death Occurs At Home.

When someone dies at home, the family doctor should be the first person that you contact (or Shrop-Doc if the death occurs out of practice hours).. The doctor will issue the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death if satisfied with the cause of death, or you may be asked to collect the Certificate from the surgery. Once a Doctor or Medical Practitioner has attended, please contact us and we will be able to provide guidance and support and will, when you are ready, convey the deceased to our Chapel of Rest.

When Death Occurs At A Nursing Home.

When someone dies in a nursing home, the nursing home staff should liaise with the doctor. Contact us once the doctor has been informed and we will arrange a suitable time to discuss your requirements.

When Death Occurs Suddenly.

When someone dies suddenly, it is normal for H.M. Coroner to be involved. The H.M Coroner is automatically involved in most sudden or unexpected deaths, especially if the person who has died has not been under a doctor's care on a regular basis. Contact us as soon as possible and we will be able to advise you accordingly on the procedures involved.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us and we will help in any way we can

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What Our Clients Say

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Mrs J. Tipler & Family

"On behalf of my family and I, we wish to thank you so much for all you did for us, you were so wonderful with us in every way"
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