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Green Eco-Friendly Funeral Service

The Green Funeral Service enables us to provide a simple, dignified, Green or Eco-Friendly funeral service, fulfilling the needs of those wishing to minimise their environmental impact.

The Association of Green Funeral Directors define a Green or Eco funeral to include at least three of the following points:

Eco-friendly coffin made with natural and biodegradable products.

Burial in a Natural Burial Ground or on your own land.

No Limousines and cars kept to a minimum.

No embalming or hygienic treatment of the deceased.

As short a journey as possible where vehicles are used.

Any flowers used should, where possible, be grown and bought within a 10-mile radius of our premises.

Please Note:

We can supply coffins and cremated remains caskets constructed of natural and biodegradable products such as Wicker, Willow, Banana Leaf, Sea Grass, Water Hyacinth and Cardboard Coffins.

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