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At Hilton's Funeral Directors, we offer a whole host of services for our clients so that we may offer a complete service when dealing with the painstaking loss of a loved one. We offer many types of memorials, from Traditional Monumental Masonry, Garden Memorials, and Ashes Into Glass, including a range of Cremated, Remains Caskets and Vases. In addition, we can tailor individual funeral requirements to your exact specifications, so call us today and let us relieve the burden when you are dealing with the loss of your loved one.


Options for Cremated Remains

When making the funeral arrangements, we will discuss with you the various options available for dealing with cremated remains.


Choosing the final resting place is not a decision that needs to be made immediately after the funeral. We encourage you to do this in your own time. We will collect the remains from the crematorium and care for these until you reach a decision.


Often the cremated remains are scattered or buried in a Garden of Remembrance at the crematorium. As there are no laws that directly restrict the scattering of ashes, they can be scattered on ordinary land, in rivers or at sea. However consent may be needed and we can help obtain this if required.


For families wishing to keep the cremated remains, or wanting them buried there are many different types of caskets or urns available.


For families who want to have a dramatic ashes scattering we can arrange for the ashes to be made into a firework for inclusion in a display providing a spectacular final farewell.


Ashes Into Glass

Ashes into glass form a personal, lasting keepsake of your loved one that you may keep close to your heart all the time. I am very excited to introduce you to Ashes Into Glass which supplies a range of jewellery from Sterling Silver, Gold and 9ct White Gold; they genuinely are the most stunning works of art they have enhanced our service.


Each item of jewellery or paperweight contains a small number of cremation ashes placed into the crystal and comes in five colours. You may also add an inscription on many of the items on offer; if you want to see the quality of this award-winning jewellery before you make your final decision, please feel free to visit our funeral home and see the items on display.

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Monumental Masonry

Following the funeral of a loved one, many people like to purchase a memorial as a lasting tribute. Memorials can take many forms, such as a headstone on a burial plot or a niche within the crematorium grounds.


The selection of a memorial is very personal and there are many things that may govern your choice. We have a display of memorial stones for you to view if needed. If it is the first time you have purchased a memorial, it is helpful if you have professional advice.

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